A 16oz fresh batch of Cold Pressed Ginger Shots that can be split into 16 separate 1oz shots or 32 separate .05 oz shots!

This bottle can last fresh for about a week long and it’s great for the whole family!

Daily Ginger Shots improve immunity, fights infection, aids in digestion, improves metabolism, and it’s antiviral! This blend will give you a boost of energy, and temporary relief of any flu syptoms!


Deliveries are done every Thursday only local to Rhode Island!! 


🌶️= for the poeple who like a smooth shot at first try!

🌶️🌶️= concentrated for the peple who like to mix their shots with drinks!

Ginger Shots Bottle

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      • Keep in mind that separation is normal. Shake well before serving.
      • Pour juice in a small shot glass and drink up to .05 to 2 fluid ounces a day.
      • Store the remaining juice in our airtight Jar and refrigerate it for up to 1 week
      • To freeze the shots for longer storage, pour them into an ice cube tray and freeze them for up to 6 months.