Happiness is the way of the Heart.

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

This is a lengthy one, but I contemplate the idea of self love leading to happiness and a physical technique that you can do everyday to practice a communication with your truest of selves. Thank you for reading, may this touch you in ways you never imagined.

The Happiness Timeline:

Happiness has been a theme that has come to my attention three times this week so i wanted to reflect on it. What is happiness? #Happiness to me, is created by an accumulation of small moments and small acts of love that in turn create lifetimes of happiness. In a world full of #conflict, how do we consistently create small moments and small acts of love? If you don't deal with self conflict on a day to day, then maybe this blog post isn't for you, because happiness comes easy for you. But true happiness doesn't come easy to all of us, so I'm writing for those in the middle of conflict that are looking to do the work necessary to get out.

Let’s begin with the facts: the average modern person spends on the minimum 1/3 of their life at work, so that’s why doing what you love carries so much power and truth. If you like what you do, you’ll find joy more often on a daily basis. So if you aren’t already doing what you love yet, take a deep breath. You can still find happiness no matter what you do.

Because there is joy in the gardening not just in the harvest.

Let's do an exercise:

1. Picture yourself in the future happy, what does that person look like, what are they doing, who are they sharing their happiness with?

2. Snap back into this moment and visualize a gradient between your now and later. This gradient is your journey/timeline towards your happiness. Your journey is unique to you and no one else.

3. Write down what it might take for you to find your consistent happiness. What in the world has to happen for it to be? If it’s foggy take another breath. You don’t need to see the entire picture, it just means that life has twists and surprises for you because it’s a delicate dance between you and Gods wind. What ever comes to mind is enough to begin writing.

For me personally, I wanted to dissolve my daily anger and aggression towards the people I loved. I saw this getting in the way of my own consistent happiness. I wanted to be able to face my temper and figure out where it came from and tone it down a whole lot.

4. Fast forward to your day to day grind. You don’t need me to tell you that there will be ups and downs, at times it may be extreme and at times they may be shallow but the only consistent measure here, is you. How you show up on a day to day basis. What are your intentions on a day to day. And how does your day to day affect your #timeline. Did you show up for your #future happy self today?

5. Taking full responsibility and accountability for your day to day activities and putting the intention that you will do it with #grace and #love, will increase the chances of a continuous happy momentum. Perhaps you're not doing what you love right now for work, but if you take full responsibility of the job/task you are currently doing, task by task, and place the intention that although it's not what you want to do right now you will do it with grace and love, the whole mood will lift and in return will lift the people around you. Thus will make what you are going through a whole lot easier and instead of spending time dwelling on how much you hate what you do, you can use that same time to figure out how to continue to contribute to your future happiness timeline. Take #responsibility, #accountability, and the #intention of grace and love and watch happiness unfold.

6. Give #thanks. For all the moments that opening your heart brought you, and the happiness you are able to share with those you love, give thanks.

Doing everything with Grace & Love:

If you have trouble adding love into your daily routine, here's a quick technique that involves the self:

Take a moment and place your hand or hands on your heart. Breathe in and out and repeat the words I love you or simply just "love" until you can’t anymore.

Or until you begin to feel parts of your heart you haven't felt in a while. Your whole life is in your hands right now do you feel it?. Do you feel your heart working none stop for you? Do you know how much love your heart needs to have to work for you everyday and night none stop? When was the last time you gave thanks and loved your own heart?

The truth is it's you, this is all for you. This whole experience your whole reality is all for you and how you choose to show up matters. Your #heart will feel you and open up much deeper, and will boost your energy ,and create space to do the following tasks with love. Because we know that the #journey isn’t easy, creating a relationship with your heart will change the way you talk to others, the way you carry yourself, the way you do things.

When you’re grateful place your hand on your heart. When you’re in pain place your hands on your heart. When you want to speak from the heart, place your hands on your heart. Set the Intention of love when this is done. Because loving yourself has been a trend but this is an actual hands on technique that enforces said trend.

Doing so will reinforce your #presence in your own life and how you choose to show up to you future/now timeline. Doing acts of love will give you glimpses of new things that are important for your future/now #timeline of happiness. If that’s not the case for you, then what shows up for you are things that need to be #confronted or needed to be #shed in other to reap the benefits of love and happiness. Doing this technique will create a safe space for you to speak to your heart in private and ask it what it really wants. You ask it a question and wait. Life will place its reply with something to work on. You want that? Work on this and then you can have that. And you do it! Because it came from the heart! This connection you’ve been bonding with is with your truest of selves. Here lies the biggest relationship you will have your entire life, with yourself.

Hold your heart so one day you can hold your partners heart and tell them you love them. So you can hold your childs heart and tell them you love them as much as you love yourself. This is a game changer because it’s a practice that you can really get good at if you do it every day. You say you wanna be happy, you have to do the work. No one is going to give you happiness on a platter but yourself. And you can guide yourself there through your heart. Happiness starts tomorrow, starts today, starts right now!

Choose this and it will be so.

Love and light

~ Kay

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